Monday, October 1, 2007


From whence do the origins this, my imaginary library flow? According to my limited knowledge, probably way back in good ole Texas with the never failing satiric wit of the late and sorely missed Molly Ivins. Next, maybe, on a grimmer side, with Paul O’Neill, erstwhile Secretary of the Treasury and former C.E.O. of Alcoa. But what do I know?

A list of titles documenting and exposing the evil, scum-bag duplicity and machinations of the shameless coven known as the Bush administration, with regards to both domestic policy and the war in Iraq, surely goes on and on and on, and I will humbly accept additions and corrections to my scant and totally un-researched bibliography.

Maybe the complete list is out there, just that I have yet to come across it. The latest volume seems to be Charlie Savage’s "Takeover," which was reviewed in the NY Times a week or so ago.

One thing that struck me about the review (and, only by inference, the book) was that there was no mention of the earliest and one of the most intellectually insulting ploys in this so called Takeover: Dick Cheney’s appointment as "the committee" entrusted to vet and put forward the names of potential Republican Vice-Presidential candidates.

In a single stroke of unrepentant and unmitigated chutzpah, Mr. “Other Priorities” Cheney dubbed himself the one and only possible choice for the Exalted Vice-Poobah of his long planned and lusted for Unitary Executive. From there, all it took was the unholy coronation of George W. Bush by the Supreme Court of the United States of America to initiate Dick. “Mr. 5 Deferments” Cheney’s wildest wet dreams of usurpation of the Constitution, the Congress and the federal judicial system!

Anyhow, to my mind’s eye the Bush-Bashing bookshelf in this particular Presidential Library, appears very, very long indeed and straining heroically under the weight, not only of paper, ink, Davey board, glue and book cloth, but under limitless masses of unimpeachable evidence of impeachable malfeasance.

Who will tally up a comprehensive bibliographic "BUSH" list? Perhaps it’s already out there. Show it to me! I know that I would immediately do my part and throw in a couple of bucks towards acquiring the entire collection, crating it up and dumping it directly on the Grand Matriarch Barbara Bush’s doorstep, so that she might slowly and painfully digest and contemplate what a complete, lying little bastard she’d
raised! Any other volunteers?

Signed Toby

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"First Aid", "Rabindranath Tagore", "Robert Burns", "Walter P. Ruther" and "Tyres" are the latest TOBY CARDS to come off the drawing board. Click on any image to scale it up.

A few of the photographs that I employ come from screen shots from the internet and old newspaper clippings. I attempt to always use unattributed images and to alter the work to quite an appreciable degree. Naturally, should I receive notice of copyright infringement, I will immediately remove the offending image from stock and publish an apology immediately.

Remember, the colours you see on a computer's screen aren't necessarily those you'll see on the actual card. Printing on uncoated stock, one not produced especially for inkjet, has its drawbacks, but I greatly prefer the matte surface to a glossy one. I am also interested in using a paper that can be written on with any instrument, be it pencil, ballpoint, etc. Weight, opacity and score-ability (?)for folding are further concerns

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Department of Disclaimers Department at TOBY HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD., here to refered to as DDD, has forced me to provide you, the potential customers, with certain supersensitive industrial secrets heretofore never revealed to the unsuspecting and easily misled puplic. To wit: The charming and extraodinary cards and booklets which TOBY HEAVY INDUSTRIES LIMITED hawks on this site, and AS VIEWED ON THE SCREEN BEFORE YOU, may or may not exactly look just about but pretty darn near thereabouts to the real object should you be lucky and discriminating enough to purchase one in the near future and actually hold one in your hand and look at with your very own eyes, as prices and availability are subject to change with out notice. Please make out checks and money orders payable to: IAN C. SHORT.

The colors on your screen are subtractive hues based on the RGB system. Watch out! They're shining directly into your eyes and appear very vivid and super bright. Printed colors such as those on TOBY CARDS, on the other hand, are based on 4 or 6 color CMYK process systems. The colors you see are reflected off the paper with light from whatever crumby source you happen to be using. Anyway, the two color systems are different. So just give us some slack. OK?

And another thing. I print each card out individually. Heavy stock is a bit fussy to feed through my little Epson, so I don't walk away while it's working its little heart out to produce these exceptionally refined examples of contemporary art. I'm also apt to react to the color and image on my screen and tweek or even alter them drastically. You can see this in a couple of the cards shown. LIve with it.

There! That should keep the pencil pushers over at DDD quiet for another week or so! Thank You.